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Sales Team Optimisation

Sales Team Optimisation
If you want to know how good your sales team is – there are three ways to find out:

1. The most obvious thing is to see how much revenue they are bringing in,  hitting financial targets is a sure sign that a sales team is functioning well. But this will only tell you so much about the team itself. To find out how good your sales team is, in terms of the reputation of your company and sales activity, you should delve a little deeper (go behind the numbers).

2.Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Consider how you would feel about completing a transaction with your company, (and your team), if you were a paying customer. The value of thinking about this comes through being honest with yourself on how well your team deal with customers and how much value they provide. There is some truth to the old adage that ‘the customer is always right’. How you feel about completing a transaction with your employees, or getting someone you trust to do it and then picking their brains on how good (or not so good) it was.

3. Check what people say about your business. Quite simply, see what people are saying about the team, your company and your services. One of the joys (or nightmares depending on your point of view) of the modern business world is that customers these days have strong opinions. And many people choose to voice those opinions publicly, either by word of mouth or social media. It is something that a lot of businesses don’t even consider, but there is no reason why you as a business owner cannot use social media to see what your customers are saying about your business, to find out what your team is doing well, and what they need to improve upon.

There are three main attributes that will help sustain a business over the long haul – Activity, Vision and Direction. Serving customers well, making money and using that money to continue developing and growing the business is the ‘Activity’. Money is the lifeblood of any business. By extension, it is customers who give a business a purpose, generate the cashflow, and allow the activity to continue.

The ‘Vision’ comes from the business owner – the brain of the operation, analysing the bigger picture and making the critical decisions that keeps the machine working (to a particular strategy).

‘Direction’ is created when your vision is enacted by the team. The team is the heart that pumps the blood and keeps the machine alive. Team decisions and actions are what allows the business to move forward and maintain continued success in bringing the vision to life.

This is the triumvirate that makes everything work – money /customers to create purpose and growth, a business owner to create a vision, and the team to add direction and turn what is possible into a reality.
But let’s take a few moments to consider the Team aspect of the equation. Specifically, the Sales Team.
One of the things we do at Christian Doppler Consulting is to assess sales teams to make sure that they are prepared for upcoming deals and are optimised to take a business to the next level, through their sales activity.

An engaged and professional team can exceed all expectations, just as a team that is disinterested or unprepared can cause a business to stagnate. It is important to develop a workplace environment which allows a team to grow, learn, achieve, get creative, be challenged, be bold, then achieve more.

A team that has not been assessed, strengthened, and empowered as necessary, will not deliver optimum results. Without money coming in, nothing else in the business can function properly. The effectiveness of your sales team is key in allowing a business to progress and reach higher levels of functionality, and in turn, higher levels of revenue generation and bigger deals.

Amongst other things, a good sales team must be able to:
– Hit Key Financial Targets
– Generate Income and Increase Revenue
– Communicate Effectively (at all Levels)
– Maintain a Satisfied Customer-base
– Source Clients and Close New Deals

There are various factors that come into play when assessing for sales team optimisation. To allow for detailed analysis, we have systems in place that allow us to use our expert knowledge to evaluate the effectiveness of your team. Our system of analysis is based on years of experience working with large companies to make sure that their teams have the necessary skillset in place to remain (or become) competitive. Through working with these companies we have been able to fine-tune an assessment process which has led directly to a maximisation of the profits of the companies we have worked with.

As stated, the process we use is detailed, however, for the purposes of this article there are a few general observations I wish to make, to allow you to consider whether you have put enough thought into Sales Team Optimisation and whether your team is fully prepared for generating those all-important sales, and developing new deals.

The Market
The great thing about the market is that it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if your sales team is big, small, young, old, traditional, modern, scientific in approach, eclectic, or anything else. The market considers all teams even. All the market cares about is that your team is effective and the value proposition is right.

Selling a Solution
Due to advancements in communication and technology, the world of modern business is evolving rapidly. It is imperative that your sales team is audited regularly. Fifteen years ago, working in sales was a lot different than it is now. Many of the companies in the marketplace sold stand-alone products. The sales team was selling a product or widget that did a specific job and when a customer bought the item the transaction was complete.

These days, with a different customer mindset, it is seldom the case that a company will simply sell a product without offering a ‘complete solution’. It is no longer enough to sell a product without giving added value. These days, companies don’t just sell widgets, they sell solutions that include widgets.

The good ones provide a service from advice before buying, to the product, assistance on setting up and using the product and aftercare for any problems that arise or troubleshooting that is necessary. All of this may not be the responsibility of your sales team, but the sales team is one part of a larger organisation which has a duty of care to customers. Being able to offer a complete solution (using an effective team and having a competitive price) helps to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is what running a good business is all about.

I have some questions for you to consider when reviewing Sales Team Optimisation:
– How effective is your sales team in hitting targets?
– How prepared are they for chasing bigger deals?
– How competent are they in generating income and increasing profit?
– Are things running smoothly or have they become stagnant?
– Do your team have the knowledge, ability, adaptability, and drive to close deals and drive sales forward?

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