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How Sales Enablement helps both Sales & Marketing Deliver

When marketing teams and sales organisations work well together, they provide valuable insights for each team to support each other. Which content strategies are really working to attract prospects and leads? What message should the sales team be using to best represent the product or service? That’s where sales enablement comes in!

Every successful deal begins with tailoring your content to your customer’s journey–providing the sales team with the right tools to use with the right audiences at the right time allows them to engage their prospects in a more consultative and customized fashion.

In this article, you will find a guide to sales enablement strategy to help align your marketing and sales teams, and ultimately, provide relevant
content to your sales organisation. Below, we’ll dive into sales enablement best practices, sales enablement tools, and how to build the right content to help close deals.

What is Sales Enablement and Why is it Important?

Sales enablement helps to better align your sales process with the buyer’s
journey, The Buying Cycle, improve the training process for new sales reps and reduce the length of the sales cycle. Sales enablement, when done well, can positively impact the company’s bottom line by contributing to Monthly Recurring Revenue. It’s how sales teams access relevant content, tools, and
strategies to drive conversations with their prospects, from start to close.
Materials can be created by teams who are responsible for providing air
cover to sales–it may be a marketing team or a team dedicated to sales enablement

Sales enablement generaly entails the following elements:-

  • Generating awareness for your product in order to produce inbound leads
  • Working cross-functionally to create educational materials about your product
  • Ensuring the sales teams have the most up-to-date messaging on your product
  • Assisting the sales process by creating the tools they need to get to the finish line
  • Communicating how to use content to various stages of the sales funnel
  • Segmenting and tailoring content to your various audiences and use cases

If your organisation still needs proof that sales enablement is a valuable tool, then prove it to them by measuring prospect-to-customer conversion, average sales cycle, new sales team members training time, and any relevant sales metrics that can be affected by sales enablement support specific to your group. Then measure again a few months later using the types of content we outline below – you’ll see your sales team become more agile and targeted in their interactions, and prove the ROI of producing these materials.

How Sales Enablement Helps the Marketing Team

Sales enablement allows marketing teams to maintain deep knowledge of the sales process, the customers, their pain points, and positioning for your organization’s products. By creating a channel for conversation between sales and marketing, both teams can learn and grow together. Sales teams are at the front lines of the marketplace—they’re learning directly from the customer, and they can provide valuable insights that allow the marketing team to better tailor their materials.

How Sales Enablement Helps the Sales Team

Sales enablement helps the sales team members have easy access to the most up-to-date positioning, language, and terminology on your product/service. Rather than finding out that they have been using a one-pager they dug up on the shared drive from 2008 (this is more common than you think), make sales enablement materials accessible, convenient, and easy to use. Sales enablement allows the sales team to focus on their customers and conversations—with the right discovery and a library of tools to utilise when needed, they can continue to answer the customer’s needs.

For newer sales team members, sales managers can use this content as a good starting point during sales training to quickly get them up and running. If you haven’t created a sales process yet, or need some updating (has it really been since 2008 since you’ve looked at your sales process?), check out our homepage on creating a flexible sales process to drive exponential growth.

For high performing sales teams, it’s critical to stay organized and have all
of the information they need about a prospect easy to find and store. There are a variety of CRM platforms to chose from for both large and small sales teams, organising prospects and leads, and keeping sales enablement information on hand for each prospect—so you know exactly who viewed which content piece.

When Sales and Marketing Work Together

Creating effective channels for communication is crucial to success. Messaging tools that allow you to share sales enablement materials in realtime, while analytics tools that allow you to assess the performance of your sales tools, in order to reiterate them. Databases can provide
that single source of truth, where members of the team can not only find
the right materials but note what worked well and what didn’t – remember, sales enablement is about continually refining and improving the sales
process. If you don’t already have a sales and marketing alignment meeting
in place, you can begin by holding each other accountable, both teams are motivated to maintain communication and provide essential feedback to each other.

Here are some different types of effective sales enablement content that your sales and marketing teams can work on together.

  • Product/Service One-Pagers
  • Case Studies/Testamonials
  • Phone Scripts/Email Templates
  • Reports/White Papers
  • Competitor Analysis

With these tools, your marketing or sales enablement team can support your sales team through every phase of the sales cycle. By creating these essential pieces of sales enablement content, you’ll enable your sales team to increase sales, decrease time to close, and boost revenue.

Your team will save time and put your company’s best foot forward with the right content for the right prospect at the right time.

If you would like to learn more about how your team will save time and put your company’s best foot forward with the right content for the right prospect at the right time, then please visit our website at and book a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION