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Christian Doppler Consulting
Green Tech Challenge London 2018

Christian Doppler Consulting is delighted to be working with the start-ups that are shaping the future of business.
Based in Surrey we partner with businesses in London, Europe and the Middle East. Our team has over 25 years of diverse experience in variety of contexts. They have delivered complex, business critical solutions and services to start-ups and distressed businesses, as well with national and multinational businesses across a variety of sectors.
In addition to traditional service lines of strategy development, marketing, business development and sales; Christian Doppler Consulting also provides a diverse range of business consulting services.


Overview of the Global Green Technologies Market

Economic 1. Increased and more equitably distributed GDP – production of conventional goods and services 2. Increased production of unpriced ecosystem services (or their reduction prevented) 3. Economic diversification, i.e. improved management of economic risks 4. Innovation, access and uptake of green technologies, i.e. improved market confidence
Environmental 5. Increased productivity and efficiency of natural resource use
6. Natural capital used within ecological limits
7. Other types of capital increased through use of non-renewable natural capital
8. Reduced adverse environmental impact and improved natural hazard/risk management

Social 9. Increased livelihood opportunities, income and/or quality of life, notably of the poor
10. Decent jobs that benefit poor people created and sustained
11. Enhanced social, human and knowledge capital
12. Reduced inequality
Green Growth and Developing Countries:
A Summary for Policy Makers
Why Green Tech

Market trends
Green Tech
“Other goals include the incorporation of: “cradle to grave” design, which means products created can be used, reused, and reclaimed, innovation.
This helps in the development of alternatives to conventional tech that can damage the environment, and viability, which helps manufacturers in product development that supports resource-conservative and eco-friendly means.”

Green Technologies Market
Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

Green Tech Sector
There is an increasing demand for green technology startups who are offering innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions for the government, enterprises, and to consumers.
Sub-Sectors of the green tech market include:
01 | Green Manufacturing
02 | Food Agriculture
03 | Waste Management
04 | Consumer Goods & Services
05 | Information Technology
06 | Energy Efficiency

Green Tech Sector Challenges
-> Creating a strategic plan orientated to action
-> Getting people on the same page
-> Starting strong until things get in the way

-> Inexperience & under resourced
-> Interpreting marketing report data
-> Complex marketing field
Business Development:
-> Management capacity
-> Aligned priorities
-> Lack of performance measures
-> Disconnect in handing leads from source
-> Inadequate handling
-> Closing the sales loop

Defining the business challenge which needs to be addressed and identifying the team who are skilled in tackling that challenge
Ideating a solution that matches the business ambition and overcome the business challenge which supports the delivery of the business strategy
Delivering the solution and measuring the results to ensure business value and identifying potential new opportunities

We are proud to have a multi disciplined and globally connected team who balance a perpetual desire to learn and grow, whilst sharing with clients a rich body of experience across, business development, sales and marketing in a number of varying situations ranging from startups to multinational corporates.
Let us introduce you to two of the team!

Managing Consultant
Tony Shepherd
Founder at CDC, Tony brings a wealth of experience as an International Business Development Consultant & Mentor. With a pragmatic and challenging approach he works with Startups and SME’s who seek to create or accelerate their growth. Tony’s focus on developing a trusted advisor relationship with his clients, enables him to deliver value by taking them to the next level.
Client Feedback
“It’s rare to work with someone that truly understands! I had the pleasure of working with Tony during the set-up phase of Santus Media, collaborating on sales and business start-up. Tony’s knowledge of sales was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of setting the business up. No matter the challenge, Tony knew the right approach and always did so with a smile. Any business looking for sales training or business start-up should certainly contact Tony.”
Roland Santus Director, Santus Media and Crazy Fox Expresso Bar

Associate Consultant
Phillip Collins
Phillip works with international leaders based across the EMEA with P&L responsibilities of £100m+. He supports them with developing their leadership effectiveness — such as strategic thinking, decision-making, setting direction, fostering alignments, leading teams, prioritisation, and refining their executive persona. He has a strong commercial focus and a personal bias towards action.


Client Feedback
“Phillip has helped us clarify where we are with our business and where we want to be. We’ve then called on his expertise and experience to help us make various important changes within the company. He has pointed out areas of the business that perhaps we had been overlooking and offered guidance on topics such as company staffing, structure, KPIs and communication styles.”
Stephen Done Co-Managing Director, EcuTek Technologies Ltd

Christian Doppler Consulting – London, Europe & UAE