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  We’re in the fourth quarter! What shifts do you need to make to achieve your Q4 goals? You have much less time than you think.  Some quick ideas for you….. Reorganise. Get very clear and specific about your Q4 top priorities–the true business results or outcomes you want. Accept that “everything” can’t be done. Your

Slide Transcript: Christian Doppler Consulting Green Tech Challenge London 2018 Christian Doppler Consulting is delighted to be working with the start-ups that are shaping the future of business. Based in Surrey we partner with businesses in London, Europe and the Middle East. Our team has over 25 years of diverse experience in variety of contexts.

6 Steps to Producing Quantified Value Propositions in B2B Having recently attended a webinar hosted by the APS, Association of Professional Sales, I thought to share their 6 Steps to producing Quantified Value Propositions in Business to Business. Research from around the world in many different industries, including practical experience of both buying and selling products

10 Ways You’re Undermining Your Chances of Closing Throughout the Sales Process Salespeople frequently undermine their own chance of closing throughout and winning sales when they allow value leaks™ to creep into their sales process. A value leak occurs every time your email, proposal, word choice, presentation, or body language diminishes the perceived value of your

A lot of factors come into play in the creation and sustainability of a successful business. Your idea, your business plan, your strategy, your team, your location, your contacts, your salesmanship, and the relationships that you build, all play a part in making your business successful. All these things have a level of importance in