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7 Rules Successful Clients Live By

An acquaintance of mine in the Recruitment and Talent Selection sector recently shared his insights with me on the 7 rules his successful clients live by, which I thought share and would be interesting to you.

These rules have helped add hundreds of thousands in business revenue and profits over the years.
Here they are:

1. No Cold calling. EVER. You should attempt to sell only to warm leads. (When you have enough warm leads coming in consistently you’ll never have to call a prospect cold again).

2. Before you try you sell your services, you must know how much you’re willing to pay to acquire a new customer. (Effective marketing is buying clients at a profit).

3. A prospect who ‘finds’ you first is more likely to buy from you than if you find him (Discover how to get your ideal clients coming to you rather than you having to chase them).

4. You will dramatically increase your credibility as a salesperson by authoring, speaking and publishing quality content.

5. Generate leads with information about solving problems, not information about your Sales & Business Development services.

6. You can attain the best negotiating position with potential clients only when your marketing generates “deal flow” that exceeds your capability (When you have more leads you can handle you’ll be able to pick and choose who you work with).

7. The most valuable asset you can own is a well-maintained customer database because people who’ve already bought from you are way easier to sell to than strangers.


Christian Doppler Consulting is pleased to announce the addition to our team of Brian Hull, an experienced accredited coach, trainer and business leader.

Brian brings with him over 30 years experience working with an extensive range of different businesses from Building Services, Charities Energy, Financial Services and the Public Sector.

He has run a division of a major global telecommunications company and operated within start up and venture capital owned businesses.

We look forward to working with you.